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>Our service

Personal service

We provide the online service for our members.
Concerning the detail of this service, please contact to our official agents.

Global markets

We expand the business anywhere all over the world.

If you don’t have the nationality of New Zealand or United States, you would be able to open MEDIAFIN account.

Concerning the detail of this service, please contact our official agents.

>Investment services

【1】Business Investment

This is an investment scheme that we invest directly to the companies rapidly growing in ASEAN countries, where economies are extremely developing.
We have a few choices to make an investment. One way is to take a capital gain by public stock offer and dividends to shareholder with purchasing new shares. Another way is to make investment in debentures or indirect finances and earn dividend return. And we also have the other way to make business profit with operating a business directly.

【2】Real Estate Investment

This is an investment scheme that we invest real estates in ASEAN countries, where the price of real estate is rapidly increasing.
We target the capital gain with increasing price of properties, including detached houses and condominiums, and also the income gain with renting properties we purchase. The point is we must observe local rules to purchase properties.

【3】Corporate Restructuring Fund

This is an investment scheme that we intensively invest to a public listed company until we acquire a controlling interest of the company, and raise the stock price by maximizing the value of that company, so that we can earn profit when we sell it. We have many chances to earn additional profit by consultation to the company, and expanding related businesses.

We contribute to the company management at the same time as we earn investment profit, through fundamental restructuring of a corporation. It is because we can see the picture of each business background and business strategy in this ambiguous world of financial market.

Our mission is pursuing the investment style which has fundamental value, not speculative dealings.

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